Bath Towels & hand towels, certified 100% organic & hand loomed in Turkey


To our knowledge these towels are unique in Australia, we consider them to be THE ULTIMATE LUXURY UNISEX GIFT, with a bonus of being eco, for friends, family, or to treat yourself. Luxuriously thick hand loomed 100% organic cotton towels, absorbent and fast drying are made by a small number of families in the south east of Turkey. Hand towels approx. 96 cm x 45 cm and bath towels approx. 85 cm x 175 cm are available in matching designs. There are different styles to choose from in white or ecru or designer patterns in different shades of delicious chocolate. These look good in the bathroom, by the pool or on the beach. If these are too conservative have a look at the multi coloured towels

Contact us at (remove XX) robyn XX @ottomanimports XX or telephone 0431 690 084 for more information or to order.

About our towels.

- 100% Turkish cotton- GOTS certified organic grown, dyed and finished cotton
- ecru/white take about 1.5 days to make one towel; the colourful ones take about 4-6 days to make one towel.
- there are only 3 families left in Turkey that know how to do the looping technique on old style looms
- these towels will last 3-6 times longer than a factory towel, are more absorbent than a factory towel and when hung to dry, dry faster than a factory towel

Cotton general info:
- cotton off the bush is not absorbent.  It has the potential, but must be taught.
- factories use a lot of chemicals to teach our cotton how to be absorbent, with our towels, the customer must teach the cotton
- the customer teaches the cotton by soaking for 24 hours in cold water and hanging to drip dry; then running through the washing machine
- ecru is more stubborn than white or colourful because it's had NOTHING done to it, so the customer may have to be a little more patient with it
- machine wash 30-35 C; NO FABRIC SOFTENER; cool-medium dryer; don't over-dry

The looping technique was invented in Bursa by the weavers who were supported by the Palace.  The woman in the harem were the push behind the weavers in Bursa doing more and more creative & beautiful things.   The technique spread around the world and changed our idea of what a towel was.  Prior to that, a towel was not much more than a rag.  So we have our lovely harem ladies to thank for the luxury we call a towel today. Now, sadly, there isn't a weaver to be found in Bursa, the towel production is only in factories and there are only 3 families left in Turkey who still have the skills and know how to do the looping technique on old style looms.

General Loom info
- all products have been made on old-style looms
       (in the group of old-style looms there is slow, slower, slowest, turtle like & snail like. The towels available are in general not made on slow looms the slower looms being a superior weave.  The white & ecru towels come from slower looms, the colourful towels from slowest, the scarves from ‘turtle like’ & ‘snail like’ looms.)