About Us

My great interest in the arts and crafts of the region began many years ago when living in Tehran, Iran.
To visit the bazaar in Tehran was an experience that was unimagined having grown up on a property in the country in New South Wales where I lived on a horse and life was all about agriculture and food production, with the techniques of sewing and knitting to round of an education was about as creative in the arts as I ever got.
I could never be in the bazaar too often. The buzz and creativity was addictive! I was intrigued by the wood workers carving boxes and furniture, the metal workers hammering out scenes depicting historical events or geometric designs on trays (and adding considerably to the noise of the bazaar). The silver smiths too, tapping out beautiful intricate designs on bowls, tea sets and plates and in the quieter areas rows of women would be sitting on low stools before huge frames knotting wool or silk at such a rate their fingers could not be followed and wonderful patterns would emerge with such delicately sharp lines that I could not help but marvel because no mistakes seem ever to be made.
Since this time, and particularly after living in Turkey, I have been passionate about supporting these craftsmen with the hope that the techniques and skills that have been passed down through generations will not become dying arts. Because of the competition from industrialised productivity this is a real threat!
Ottoman Imports have brought some of these hand crafted items not only for the pure pleasure of having these items but in the hope that you will also appreciate them,  and for every item that is purchased  knowing  it is helping the crafts people support their families and will encourage them to continue their work.