Terracotta vintage Pots from Turkey, 75 to 150 years old, distinctive in any Landscape or Garden. Decorative in private or commercial & public spaces.

Limited Stocks available...

Beautiful old and unique handmade terracotta jars, with a patina not found on new pots, once used by the villagers in Anatolia and Western Turkey for storage of wine, olive oil, olives, honey, grain and other precious items but have been discarded for more modern storage like plastic containers and refrigerators.

The large ones were used for making wine or for olives or olive oil storage. To preserve food for the non productive times, and to keep food cool, the narrow based storage jars were partially buried in the mud floor of village houses. It was not unusual for storage jars to be used as dowry when a bride moved in with her new family so they were of great value and this collection includes heirloom pieces.

These pots have been sourced from different regions of Turkey, Enez pots and the Pitchers from the central western coastal area, while the others are from the central area, Anatolia. Some of the pots from Enez are over 150 years old so are very special and will have interesting histories that have just been added to by the relocation to Australia.

The gorgeous terracotta pots or jars can be displayed in the traditional way, but in the garden, laid partially under bushes or trees, or can be displayed on a plinth or stand to look stunning in the house or garden!

We can supply stands for these pots that will hold them securely so it will not be necessary to dig any holes!

Make a pot, or a collection of pots, a focus in your garden design or a talking point as an interior feature ornament!